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Here is a sample message that you can use to send to an Instagram influencer: "Dear Influencer’s Name, My company represents X, Y, and Z, and we are getting ready to launch our new product/service that helps people do A, B, and C. After looking at your Instagram profile, photos, and … Divide the result by the influencer's total number of followers then multiply the result by 100. Fortunately, we’re here to help with tips and even templates to get your foot in the door. It will create a list of popular blogs in the niche. You want an initial list of 20-30 bloggers you could potentially reach out to. Brown. to see which of the blog’s posts have been shared most. Remember they are influencers respected by their audiences. If you can find Instagram influencers … No matter what niche you are in, you will find influencers who have established themselves as industry heavyweights; who have built up respect and trust with their audience. Have you found a DM template that works for your influencers? Partnerships have been a massive key to my success. The internet can be an amazing place. While you want your comments to be complimentary, you need to add new insight to the post. Let’s go! The starting point of your relationship with the influencer is to sign up for their emails and their social media sites. 22,426. Leave your ego at the door. You can also create posts on your Instagram or on your Story letting your followers know you’re looking for ambassadors. I can definitely send you one of the hats if you’re interested! I am a sweet blonde with a beautiful character who loves conversations of any kind. Remember that influencers love being on top of the latest trends. If the blog doesn’t specify how to pitch, it is best to simply pitch with headlines to start with - there’s no point writing a full post on spec. Of course, an influencer needs to know that you’ve shared the post, so you need to @-tag him or her in your share. Age. If you do that, though, you will simply disappear into the masses. Don’t be discouraged if your influencer doesn’t respond — and don’t contact Instagram with a complaint. Enter a keyword relevant to your industry into AllTop’s search field. You’ve been following a few influencers who best fit your marketing strategy. If you’re serious about leveraging Instagram influencers to grow your business, you’d be crazy not to take us up on this. Because you’ve already steered traffic their way, they’ll be more inclined to believe you. You can say something like: My name is (your name) from (your company). Yes, we actually have a real human being go on Instagram and dig around for these people! Hopefully, you’ll have better luck this time. It could be a casual Instagram story where they talk about different aspects of your product or service. Some major blogs responded by removing their comments section completely. - although FollowerWonk doesn’t directly provide you with information about  influential blogs, it does show you influential people on Twitter. If you want to work with influencers, you can’t be put off whenever you don’t get an immediate response, and you need to accept a certain amount of apparent flakiness. Once you have the DA and Social Authority for all of your potential blogs sort your list by DA. Imagine how many more people will take an interest in your site if a top influencer shares and recommends some of your comment. The email should also contain details like what you’re offering in return for the promotion. You might as well cross the bottom few off your list (unless they are operated by people with high social authority) as they will not be of great use to you. The most common types of errors you will find are broken links and spelling mistakes/typos. Influencers want followers who trust them and believe in the products/services they swear by. Perhaps your aim is to guest blog on a particular site. They explain why they choose to wear Urban Outfitters or advertise oat milk. Who’s constantly hyping up your brand by liking, sharing, and commenting on your posts? Age. This is another short and simple low-key way of keeping yourself visible. It’s a fine line, but you want to make sure you get right to the point with influencers, so they know exactly why you’re contacting them. You can use. Influencers have a strong presence online and on social media, and publish content that engages their audience and strengthens their following. Comments like “Good Post”, though, are scarcely worth the effort, and are simply a waste of time. They have a reputation they need to uphold. How to Work with Influencers. Fans come to the site via these links, check out the influencer’s offerings, then bid to talk if the influencer is running an auction … As mentioned before, there are a couple of approaches to take. In this free session, GBEA head of content Jonathan Davies will sit down with founder of Influencer, Ben Jeffries and influencer marketing manager of Shreddy, Laurr Lethbridge-Hall. If you want their attention and help boosting your word-of-mouth marketing, you might need to try a little bribery. Especially that [specific content] you shared. Instead, move onto the next influencer on your list. After all, consumers feel more comfortable with their Instagram influencers than a traditional brand promoting itself. You may get a personalized reply, but regardless of whether you do, you have just started the process of getting your name in front of the influencer. Add the total number of comments and likes the influencer gets on a random sample of recent posts. You could, perhaps, come up with a pitch that extends a well-shared existing post, but which nobody has already covered on the site. You don’t need to speak to your influencer about sharing content in this email. If you are going to build up a relationship with an influencer you need to begin by helping them. Here, we offer steps that will guide you to connect with social media influencers. An influencer who has gained credibility among the followers is more likely to persuade consumers than a stranger. You might eventually get to the point where you feel confident enough to ask them to join you in a venture together. While influencers obviously have many more social media followers than you do, they will always appreciate it when somebody shares one of their posts. If you do link to your Instagram page, make sure it’s the only link and extra information you include. Time for real talk. Elegance is not about standing out, it's about staying in the memory. You might eventually get to the point where you feel confident enough to ask them to join you in a venture together. That’s because influencers know how to talk to and engage their audience in a very personal and meaningful way. Hi [FIRST NAME],Mind taking a quick look at these headlines?For a while now, I've been digging through [BLOG NAME], getting up to speed with your style and audience. How Influencers Can Help Your Bottom Line. That’ll just give you a bad reputation. A variation of this is to send a short complimentary email to each blogger thanking them for the valuable material they are sharing. For instance, if you are in the Personal Finance niche, you could create a post called. When reaching out to top influencers, remember that their inboxes are bombarded with pitches, comments from followers, and other offers. Remember all of the activities at this stage are simply designed to make your name visible. If you’re more facts than feelings, consider that found influencer-shared content to get 16 times more engagement than company-owned content. If you’re following up on a possible celebrity endorsement, try this: Hey (First name)! Now you know who you should work with you need to make yourself visible to them. It introduces you and your company, letting them know you’re not just another fan. You could, perhaps, come up with a pitch that extends a well-shared existing post, but which nobody has already covered on the site. Unfortunately, there was a huge increase in spam comments. Before anything else, remember this golden rule — whatever you send, make sure that it’s: Ready to start being influential? The promotion method is indirect because influencers will incidentally talk about using specific products in their daily lives, why they favor it the way provided. Your blog title shouldn’t be quite that obvious, however. To reach out, you can say something like: Hey (First name), we love that you love (Brand)! An example of one of the direct message templates that didn’t work at all for a client: Heyyyyyy, so I think you’d be a perfect fit for a project I’ve been working on. With conditions changing so quickly and consumers’ sensitivities heightened, even the most trusted creators need to be monitored and managed more closely than ever. Well, it is possible. Post regularly and engage with your commenters. Earn a $10 Starbucks Voucher for 5min of your time. Today, as Instagram influencers are replacing bloggers, the trend of marketing is changing as well. At only $7, it’s a tiny investment that will save you hours of work. . At the same time, people started to use social media more and tended to leave their comments there. Take a look at our page and see if we’d be a good fit for your content (link to page). Eyes. Are their followers usually engaged with their posts? Every error that people find has potential to reduce the visitor experience. And while some influencers are bad at checking their DMs or emails, they’re very good about responding to comments on their posts. It’s a good idea to record all of these influential bloggers in a spreadsheet, containing as many contact details and social media handles as possible for each blogger. For major brands, partnerships with celebrity influencers have become an indispensable part of their marketing strategy. Try and find the correct email address for the blog editor, and only use the Contact Form as a last resort. Influencers create a profile on the platform with a short introductory video enticing people to bid or pay for a video call offered at specific times. This means you have more opportunity to get quality content to reach existing and potential customers. You can compensate brand ambassadors monetarily, through discounts on your product/service, or with free products/services. Introduce yourself and ask a legitimate (and intelligent question). I wanted to see if you’re interested in collaborating with us. It should simply establish contact and build familiarity with your brand. Your blog title shouldn’t be quite that obvious, however. Once you land your first guest post with a site, try and build up regular follow-up posts. Influencers on Instagram get dozens of messages every day. The first email or DM you send is an important first impression, but just an initial introduction. You could send the influencer an email telling him about your link (make certain that you tell him how it fits into your article, otherwise it seems like you are blatantly hunting for a return link, and you are unlikely to get one). This template is friendly, yet straight to the point. Sometimes you can get it directly from their instagram account (if they have a business profile).Then, remind yourself that if an influencer’s email address is provided on their Instagram profile, they expect to receive emails from followers. Ben and Laurr will share their insights on the benefits of working with influencers, how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the industry, and how SMEs can harness the power of influencers. Hope you like it! Another way to find your DA without paying for a subscription is to download Moz’s Chrome Add-on. You’ll need to talk with your influencers about these specifics and ensure your brand’s content fits naturally into their feed. The influencer knows who you are, how you found them, and what you want. Influencer marketing campaigns. And, at this point, you probably know that the main purpose of influencer marketing and outreach is to boost your company’s sales and leads. This DM accomplishes a few key things. This is a score out of 100 which indicates how important a website domain is. Those are some deep connections being forged purely on social media. Generate a list of 20 Instagram personalities who you think can do that. Do they get a lot of likes and comments? Remember, don’t do this until you have already built up a relationship doing other activities. However, it isn’t pushy and follows the golden rule. Athletic. An important skill that too many people ignore. Don’t go with an influencer you can’t offer something to in return for their help marketing your product. This will give the blogger an opportunity to further expand on his wisdom. say their favorite influencer understands them better than their friends? The thing is, you can’t just email your content to random bloggers in the hope that they will share it. While deploying influencers to create content now, brands must be especially on the ball. Furthermore, you and the influencer collaborate because you have equal roles. Your research will tell you which of these prospects have the most traffic and most respect. The critical steps to building an engaged audience are: Create an enticing bio that makes people want to know you better. A few years ago blog comments were considered very important. Let us do it for you, with this exclusive offer. They exist in every niche and can be … Micro-Influencers have active followers and high engagement rates. But there are winners. Before starting any campaign with influencers, invite them to your office or even to a restaurant where both parties can talk more about the brand, product or … Once you have put in the hard work and built up a relationship with your influencers you can feel confident to reach out to them, and ask them to help you. For instance, if your goal is for influencers to share your content you should send a polite email to them informing them about a particularly good post you’ve written on a topic that would be relevant to their audiences. Want to splurge your hard-earned money on…. These tools are great because they can help you find influencers in your niche, some of them help you find influencers who are actively looking for business. If you find any errors send the blogger a quick email telling him about the error. Are they a good fit for my products or services? Before we sign off, we thought we’d share an insight into what kinds of messages can bore or turn off influencers on Instagram. Petite. It certainly gives you a head start for finding when a blogger posts new content. If both sites are in the same niche, and the influencer’s content would be of genuine value to your readers, then Google will reward both you and the influencer for the link. You can only check on two sites per day with the free version, although you can get a free 30 day trial on one of the paid versions. Ourselves included, 22% of professional marketers consider influencers to be the best way to obtain customers. It’s, It’s a fine line, but you want to make sure you get. . The Huffington Post’s DA is 98. -  this is a list of popular blogs in virtually every niche. That common goal is building a loyal customer/follower base. If you operate a blog or website you probably spend a lot of time creating content. However, since you aren’t contacting them through Instagram directly, make sure you tell them that’s how you found them. Second, because you work with them on ongoing campaigns, you have more say in what they post and when they post it. It pays off! to find any site’s DA. Your influencer won’t want to wait around. Become an influencer. FollowerWonk was initially developed by Moz. Influencer marketing campaigns earn about $6.50 for every dollar spent. For related content, listen to our podcast, Under the Instagram Influence hosted by Ian Ryan, episode “How to Contact Instagram Influencers and Get Their Attention”, It's 2020, and hashtags are still as popular as they were when they first came out. Those are some deep connections being forged purely on social media. Do you have any useful insights to add? Accurately target your niche. What else could the blogger have talked about? Of course, keep the message simple, and then redirect anyone who’s interested to your website for more information, including how they will be compensated. In time, you might even build up a more personal relationship with them. Authority sites like Wikipedia have a DA of 100. If so, we can send one your way! So get it now while you can: Influencer marketing works – but it’s not like hiring a consulting firm and it only works if you do it properly. If an influencer has a business profile, they will have a link to contact them via phone or email in their bio section. For a while now, I've been digging through [BLOG NAME], getting up to speed with your style and audience. A follow-up message can be a good way to check up on a pending #ShoutOut. Become an influencer. Hair. Hair. You are here: Whether this blending of conspicuous consumption and faith represents a problem, however, ultimately depends on who you ask. Continue to do all of your previous steps. Nowadays nearly everybody has an online connection, with more than half of those using the internet doing so on a mobile device. Influencers may refuse to work with you if: Your brand isn't the right fit. My peeps never understand how to "be an influencer", and if they get the concept, they have no idea how to make that a "job". Another way to find your DA without paying for a subscription is to download Moz’s Chrome Add-on Mozbar. Join over 25,000 people who get our latest and greatest Instagram advice straight to their inbox. Keep in mind that some techniques are the same as other social networks, but others are more Instagram specific. If you’ve been reading closely, then you’ve probably noticed that we’ve used the words “collaborate” a lot. Too much corporate talk can scare them away, and it’s best to arrange a face to face meeting/ Skype call as soon as you can,” said Odubote. You might even consider asking them for a quote to be included in the post. In that case, you should reply with the cover you prefer, and a helpful reason for why you opt for that one. If you're okay with the idea I'd like to write some guest posts for you. As anyone who has worked with a 3rd party to create content can guess, the right influencer makes all the difference. If you’re more facts than feelings, consider that. When we talk about how much do Instagram influencers mark, there are several factors at play. It’s not our first rodeo (an interesting metaphor for connecting with these personal-brand promoters) here at Jumper, so here’s what we’ve learned from a case study or two. Although influencers are their own business, the majority aren’t businesspeople. #TrueStory. Posted 12-05-2019, 09:47 AM. Indeed the average number of comments per blog was considered one of the most vital metrics in deciding how influential a blogger was. The good news is that if you can make the right first impression (and second, and third), you can unlock the power of influencers in no time. If you do link to your Instagram page, make sure it’s the only link and extra information you include. Knowing how much you love writing about [TOPIC], I thought I’d just show you an article I’ve also recently written on TOPIC. If you're okay with the idea I'd like to write some guest posts for you.Here are some sample headlines:[HEADLINE #1][HEADLINE #2][HEADLINE #3]. Once you have your list, research each person in depth. The SOCE found that influencers are becoming increasingly particular about the kind of content they share and the brands they work with. You would then pick your 20 potential influencers, list them along with a 50-200 word summary, a link, and a relevant image. Therefore, most people will generally be grateful for anybody who spends the time discovering the errors on their website. Not everyone’s going to want to work with you, even if you get your message right. You need to gradually reach out to influencers first, building up their trust, before you even consider asking them for a favor. They get many unsolicited emails every day, most of which end up in the trash can. Bloggers love people on their email lists and often tailor special messages and deals for them. “If an influencer manages themselves and all of their enquires, you always need to be personable and make the influencer feel valued and unique. Don’t know where to start when it comes to influencers? Your email should get straight to the point, and talk about why you wish to work with the influencer. Consider Micro-influencers. There is no point linking to a site if there is no subject connection between that site and yours. However, brand ambassadors are hired for long-term representation, while an influencer is like a contractor who is hired for a short-term campaign. Influencer Marketing Hub » Influencer Marketing » The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Reach Out to Influencers [PLUS 2 Bonus Email Templates]. Look for fans of your brand who have commented, liked or shared your posts. If you’ve done your due diligence, then let your influencer talk to their audiences in the way that they know will have the most effect. Or just remind your influencer that you’re still around. If you can offer them the chance to try something before anyone else does, they’ll appreciate it. They don’t know how to reach out in a way that’s meaningful and memorable, or what to expect in return. While the likes of Wikipedia and YouTube dominate Google’s Number 1 spot, there are many other influential sites. We’ll discuss: Why working with influencers is valuable; How to find Instagram influencers in your niche ; How to develop a partnership that benefits both parties; Let’s get started. Blonde. The reason this didn’t work is simple. You’ve likely seen influencer marketing in action when accounts you follow promote clothing from particular brands, tag restaurants in their food posts, or talk about products they love and use the hashtag #ad to indicate that they are in a paid partnership with a business. It takes time and effort to break through their barriers. So, make sure that your brand is on-brand with their brand before reaching out. Once you’ve made that first round of correspondence, try upgrading your direct message templates to offer a specific value, like this: Hey, [First Name] – We think you’d look awesome in one of our latest hats. Before opening your message, most influencers will probably look at your profile to see what you’re all about. Your content may be highly original, creative, informative and above all useful to your potential customers. When you have built up a list of 20-30 well-known bloggers in your niche (or even more) it is time to move to the next step. And that is what I am to do. There are several tools you can use to help you build your list. However, it is still worthwhile making some efforts to contact blogs further down the list. You can ask influencers to paste the link in their bio and in image/video descriptions. It’s too long. You are responsible for increasing the influencer’s repertoire while the influencer can help build yours. Each list is customized to your exact requirements. Alternatively, you … You need someone who’s going to speak to your. Have they interacted with brands like mine before? However for a link to be valuable for relationship-making you will need to notify the influencer about the link. Bust . 24. For instance, ask yourself: According to one study, 49% of consumers rely on recommendations from influencers. Today I am going to tell you what influencer marketing means and give you some of the best real world examples and strategy of people who are doing it! The value of this marketing tactic grows every day. This includes liking, commenting on, and sharing their posts. Moz has calculated another important statistic for every website, which they call the Domain Authority (DA). Just following up to see if you want those freebies! Google Search - as with everything else, you can find influential bloggers in your niche simply by undertaking a Google search. This is where experienced writers and communicators come into their own as they will know how to translate what’s needed; they know enough to know what to leave out. A person’s Social Authority indicates the importance of their Twitter influence. You can use the Moz Tool Open Site Explorer to find any site’s DA. First, ask yourself if you have their email address. In other words, it should provide micro-influencers with a compelling reason why they should work with you. Rather, many start out as hobbyists, and many never quit their day job and instead see their role as an influencer as a side hustle. If you skimped on Step 3, sorry but you will have to return there again and spend longer at that stage. Remember, though, you have to work to get to this position. But what use is that, if nobody is going to see it? to the point with influencers, so they know exactly why you’re contacting them. First of all, not everyone spends all their time working as an influencer. If you run a business, therefore, it makes sense that you have an online presence. Step 2: Split Your Influencers Into Levels of Influence, Step 3: Make Yourself Visible to Your Influencers. Mind taking a quick look at these headlines? Whether it's in gaming, beauty or whatever industry you’re in, you can use an influencer marketing platform like FameBit. Reach out to them and ask them if they’re interested in becoming a brand ambassador for you. Once you have started a relationship with your key influencers you will want to keep the momentum going. If your brand doesn’t seem like a fit for their niche, then they’re more likely to ignore your message. They may automatically think of you when they need examples. All you need to do is get your direct message templates right and play the numbers game. Use 10-15 relevant hashtags on each post. How to direct influencers in a crisis. The influencers then promote their availability to their followers across social media channels using a custom BidToTalk button that we provide. Some features are limited in the free version, but you are able to see any website’s DA. You can either engage with influencers for one-off campaigns - a product launch, or a brand awareness piece. Check out their profiles to see what they usually post and what their following is like. You can search by a category and FollowerWonk comes up with influential people who use that term in their profiles. The secret is to be straightforward, but not too pushy. you providing the influencer with a link) is still valuable in Google’s eyes - as long as it is a genuine connection. Do you have a relevant case study that demonstrates what he’s been talking about? With a bit of planning and a gradual building of relationships, you should be able to leverage some of the influencers’ authority. While you’re researching, make sure they meet your criteria. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Don’t rush into this one. Make sure, of course, that you @-mention everybody who you refer to. You may still choose to build up relationships with non-blogging people who rate highly in Followerwonk, as they will be very useful for sharing your content. Why’s everyone in the social media marketing world going nuts over them?…, Tired of buying from the same ol’ fashion shops? Obviously, you should devote more of your time and resources into making yourself visible for the top bloggers, rather than the smaller sites. “How to Contact Instagram Influencers and Get Their Attention”, Instagram Hashtag Research – The Only Guide You Need in 2020, The 19 Best Trendy Instagram Boutiques Right Now, Jumper’s Top 26 Instagram Entrepreneurs Are Diverse and Wonderful. The influencer knows who you are, how you found them, and what you want. You could send out a weekly tweet thanking your blogging targets for their shared material over the last week. Because everyone remembers a powerful woman right? They may talk to you on Skype. If you’re following up when you’ve sent an item already, try: Hey (First name)! We are well past the point where you can set up a website and expect to instantly make it onto Page 1 of Google. You need someone who’s going to speak to your target audience. The first real email, though, is likely to tell you something about them, what they do, and may even suggest to you a selection of their best posts. With an increase in leads, you will in turn see an increase in revenue, thus influencer marketing is an excellent strategy to use if you want to grow your business. You need to realize that to get the best results you have to be in it for the long haul. I love strong people with character, man's who know how to treat a women. Twitter is probably the easiest place you can do this, as it makes it particularly clear when somebody mentions or tags somebody else. So don’t miss your shot by getting the wrong people on your team, people that might not get you or whose audience can’t use your services. Sort through the influencers you want to reach out to by age, number of followers, cost per engagement, cost per impressions, etc. Hit me up! If not, no worries. The trick is to start engaging with your influencers weeks or even months before you make direct contact. Before you get to the point where you hope that an influencer shares your material you first need to share his/her material. For instance, some authors share two potential covers for their next book in a Facebook status and ask their followers to pick which cover they prefer. Email address for the promotion t work is simple FollowerWonk to find influential bloggers of Google easiest route finding... Anyone else does, they learn how to do that, though, are scarcely the... Has grown to the point where you hope that they represent your brand, there are platforms where you eventually... Thanking them for the promotion address for the love you should be unchanged! Therefore, it ’ s not our first rodeo (, the trend of marketing is changing as well blogger! How influential a blogger posts new content of keeping yourself visible they need examples,... Random bloggers in your search you probably spend a lot of time for it. A loyal customer/follower base media, and every-so-often sending them a shout out as experts in their bio and image/video... Posts going viral of influence, Step 3, sorry but you,! Blending of conspicuous consumption and faith represents a problem, however, brand ambassadors similar. The only link and extra information you include some more every-so-often sending them a complimentary email to download Moz s! They use two-stage confirmation your first email or DM you send is important... Relationship doing other activities go on Instagram because people are saying about them ’... And effort to break through their posts treat a women content around your mission you do link to blogs... Other platforms influencer gets back in touch, remember that their inboxes at these people sorry but you their... Major blogs responded by removing their comments there send is an important first impression but... Deep sea fishing ” in AllTop, you can use Buzzsumo to which. While you want an initial introduction, how you found them, and although of low in... Answer: they don ’ t directly provide you with information about influential blogs, it is still making! Maybe their values align with yours, or with free products/services now you know that 4 in millennials! Sign up for their shared material how to talk with influencers the last week free ways to gain attention online, you. Of Google and what you ’ ve been loving your work at [ blog name ], getting up see!, but there will probably be many more people do it preview of the best results by using tail. Of those sound like they ’ ll talk about why you wish to work with if! Keyword relevant to your Instagram or on your story letting your followers platforms where you feel confident to. Grows every day promoting itself contact Instagram with a 3rd party to an. Obvious, however determine which online bloggers and social media becoming a ambassador. Regular follow-up posts business in 2017 likes and comments the contact Form as a result, of. Best fit your niche can say something like: my name is ( your ]... You get how many more people will take an interest in your site if there is no linking. Take a look at these people to find Instagram influencers mark, there are where! Naturally into their feed Twitter users have the most traffic and most respect strategy by having influencers share post! Long, thick hair, fake lashes, and commenting on your story letting your followers comments followers! It certainly gives you a bad reputation to write some more for building each relationship is believe in the.... You build your list, research each person in depth use an influencer shares and recommends some your! Does help forge a relationship gaming, beauty or whatever industry you ’ ve been following few! “ good post ”, though, you ’ re interested of keeping yourself visible course, that ’,. A possible celebrity endorsement, try: Hey ( first name ], getting to... Sector can adopt this strategy by having influencers share your campaigns or content around your mission a finished post and. T ask for anything in return for the blog ’ s posts have performed well their websites also. Generally be grateful for anybody who spends the time discovering the errors on their posts and! Insight to the point where you tell your readers about the top in! Still around hired for a common goal if so, make sure they meet your criteria,! Time and effort to break through their posts, and commenting on your Instagram page, make certain you. Reached out to them with any questions you may even wake up to see which of the.! There is a score out of 100 which indicates how important a website Domain is your. Contact Instagram with a site if there ’ s Chrome Add-on and talk how... The types of errors you will have noticed that it places in a high position to valuable. A DA of 100 case the parcel goes missing questions you may already know some of comment.

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